Crypto wars will continue on the market this year as well.

Last year brought many surprises to the cryptocurrency market, including a new leader.

The three main cryptocurrencies in 2021 – Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Shiba – have remained somewhat in the shadow of Ether, which has grown by more than 400% this year.

While the others gained momentum, Ether seemed to attract the attention of the market.

As of Friday, December 31, it has increased by 410%. It traded around $3,730 per coin.

Although much smaller than Bitcoin, it is still far ahead of any other cryptocurrency on the market, including Twitter favorites and Dogecoin.

Although it is still the largest cryptocurrency in the world by market capitalization, Bitcoin has added only 60% compared to them this year to date.

It ended the year in the green, but below the projected $50,000.

While some analysts say Ether’s original blockchain, Ethereum, has become too expensive in terms of transaction fees, others believe it has a bright future, especially after the platform unveiled its ETH2 upgrade in August, which improves fees.

Experts believe that this year will bring more good news for Ether.

“Smart contract platforms are able to create financial applications such as Legos. Every new Lego added to Ethereum makes building a better network”.

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